Gettin Hitched

Gettin Hitched

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Tomorrow I head back to work. Boo. I sure do love looking at this sweet face and will miss seeing him while I am at work. Luckily he will be waiting for me as soon as I'm done. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Road Trip!

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed home to big old Malad for the long-awaited Lacy and Brian wedding. It was our first long drive and over-night trip with Thatcher and we were excited for him to meet some of his cousins and aunts and uncles. Here are a few pics from the trip and Lacy's awesome wedding. I missed taking pictures of Thatcher with most of the people he met...hopefully next time I'm better.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thatcher's Arrival

**So it's been forever (over a year!) since we've bothered to post anything but I thought for the few people that might accidentally still check this here is Thatcher's birth story. 

Thatcher Grey Sweeten’s Arrival 7/31/2012

We had the date circled on our calendar for months but it still seemed surreal and shocking when Dr. Lowder said that tomorrow would be our baby’s birthday. It shouldn’t have seemed like a surprise since I was already past my due date but since I had made little to no progress towards labor and still felt really good we thought it would be a few more days. I had hoped to go into labor on my own since I had heard that being induced often meant a longer, harder labor but the doctor had tried all he could, and I had continuing to be as active as I could muster the energy for and still not one contraction had come. I think our sweet little baby would have stayed in there as long as we let him. So for our first decision as parents we told our little boy that it was time to meet him and we’d given him many chances to come on his own and now we would be helping him.

Having a set time to come into the hospital was actually kind of nice. We were able to tell our family to expect a baby the next day. We went home and just starred at each other for a while- it seemed so crazy that we would have a baby the next day! Then we were able to make sure everything was packed, ready, and clean for our new little baby. We ended up going to see a movie together since we figured this may be the last alone time me and Challis would have for awhile and we didn’t know how else to make the day pass. We tried to get to bed early since we had to leave our house at 4:30 am to be to the hospital on time for my induction. Of course we both didn’t get much sleep with all the nerves and excitement. Challis gave me a wonderful blessing before I went to bed. I’m so grateful to have a husband that holds the priesthood and it really helped to calm me down and help me feel more ready and confident.

Our alarms went off bright (well it was still plenty dark) and early and we got ready and headed for the hospital. The drive there was very different than what I had pictured. In all the movies the drive is always crazy and chaotic with the woman yelling and the husband driving like a maniac but I wasn’t in labor and the roads were almost completely empty so it was weirdly calm. We got to the hospital and walked into the labor and delivery section to be checked in. Since I was being induced and was obviously not yet in labor they didn’t have to screen me so we sat and waited for our nurse to come and get us. As we sat there I watched women coming in and saying they thought they were in labor or others being whisked by on beds or in wheelchairs. It was very weird to me that I would be having a baby on the same day as these women and I was just calmly sitting in the waiting room, having come in showered and ready for the day. After a little while our nurse came and got us and took us to our labor and delivery room. I changed into the very flattering gown and me and Challis settled in for the long haul. The nurse started an IV (if you know me then you know my intense fear of needles but I didn’t even flinch…much) and I had Pitocin started around 6 am. 
Slowly watching the time pass

I expected things to start moving but nothing happened. I didn’t even have a contraction. They upped my Pitocin level every 15 minutes but it still didn’t do anything. I remained only at a 1. This baby was set on staying inside for as long as we’d let him. At 7 am my doctor came in and broke my water. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it was actually pain free and really fast. Right after my water broke things picked up quickly. I started having hard, active labor pains immediately. I didn’t ease into them at all like I’ve heard happens when you naturally go into labor. I had very intense back labor that came every 1 to 2 minutes so I didn’t get much of a break in between. It was very different than I expected and I took my sisters advice and got my epidural as soon as I was able. I apparently can’t make decisions when I’m in pain because Challis asked if I wanted the epidural yet or not and I just kept saying I didn’t know. I was really dreading the big needle but I also didn’t want to go through all the labor pains just to get the epidural in the end anyway. Luckily I have a great husband who knows when to just make decisions for me and told them I was ready for the epidural. The anesthesiologist was fabulous and did a really great and quick job. Getting the epidural was the thing I was most afraid of about labor and the moment was finally here. They let me sit up and put my feet on Challis’ legs and rest my head on his while he held my hands. In the end the epidural wasn’t that bad and I thought it hurt way less than the IV did. It started working almost immediately and I felt much better. I still can’t understand why people opt out of getting an epidural. It made the experience for me and Challis much better. I thought it would make me feel completely numb but I could still wiggle my toes and if I really focused I could move my legs (they just felt like they weighed 700 lbs each), but I couldn’t feel any pain just a lot of pressure. I was still able to tell when I was having contractions, which I liked but it wasn’t painful. 

They checked me again after a little while and I was at a 7! I couldn’t believe it since each week at my doctor’s appointments nothing had happened and I was secretly worried I would end up needing a c-section like many of my cousins. My nurse, Karen, said that Dr. Lowder would be back to check on my progress on his lunch break but it looked like it would probably still be awhile. Challis and I tried to nap but it’s pretty hard with all the machines in the room and all the monitors. By noon we had already been up for about 8 and a half hours but time seemed to be moving quickly.
Right after he was born

At about 1:00 Dr. Lowder came back to see how I was doing. The nurse had just checked me about 15 minutes before and I was at a 9 so she thought maybe another hour or so before pushing time. Dr. Lowder checked again to be sure and he said I was at a 10 and ready to push. Things seemed to move so quickly then and we just had to go along with them. Dr. Lowder had been telling me at my appointments that my baby was really low and in the end that would be more helpful than how far along I was dilated and I hoped that was true. I had only wanted Challis to be in the room with me along with the nurses and doctors and I am so grateful to have that experience with just the two of us. We started pushing and about 15 minutes later Thatcher Grey Sweeten was born! 

Proud daddy
I was mentally prepared for hours of pushing but it was much easier and quicker than I thought! Thatcher arrived at 1:30 pm and was absolutely perfect. They put him right on my chest and let me hold him before they took him to be weighed. They do all the stats right next to the bed so I was able to watch him the whole time. Challis was able to stay right next to him as they measured and weighed him. He came in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. Just perfect! They brought him back to my bed all wiped up and I was able to cuddle him and nurse him right away. I had wanted to try nursing as soon as he was ready and he came out ready and hungry! We had liked the name Thatcher throughout my whole pregnancy and it fits him perfectly. Challis had mentioned the name Thatcher and I had liked it immediately. Later he told me that it was an Idaho city so it fit with our names being Idaho cities. Grey comes from my Willie side of the family. James Grey Willie was the captain of the Willie Handcart Company. Thatcher is a 7th generation descendant. We hope this name will help him remember his family heritage and the sacrifice made to have our membership in the gospel.

I remember everything feeling so surreal. I couldn’t believe I had actually just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Challis and I just looked at each other amazed that this moment in our lives was actually here. I little piece of Challis and a little piece of me was in our arms. I am so grateful that everything went so smoothly and little Thatcher and I were able to make it through the labor and delivery without complication. It was such a spiritual experience to watch a life come into this world and I couldn’t imagine doing it without my loving and supportive husband. He always knows what to do to help keep me calm and encourage me and this experience was no exception.

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Willie for the 1st time

Meeting Grandma and Grandpa Sweeten for the 1st time

The rest of that day and the first night are a tired blur. We spent it just soaking in this new little person (and getting absolutely no sleep). We were able to head home the next day since I was feeling pretty good and Thatcher was eating so well. We had lots of help from my parents and Challis’ parents during that first week and I was able to focus on being a new mom, which I’m so grateful for. Now it seems hard to even remember what it was like to not have him in our home. I’m amazed that I can get lost for hours just holding him and looking at his sweet face. I have a whole new level of love and protectiveness than I knew before. Time is now measured by feedings, diapers, naps, and cuddles. I’ve come to know a completely different level of exhaustion that comes with a little person being entirely dependent on Challis and me. And I’ve come to love Challis even more than I thought I could. I love watching him as a father and he takes such good care of the two of us. Now begins the real adventure…

Sunday, April 17, 2011

As of late we...

  • Visited our brand-new nephew Wesley Randal Willie (he is waaaaay cute)

  • Drove home to M-town for an overdue visit to our families.

  • Played with the majority of our nieces and nephews from both sides. It had been far too long since we had seen them so it was a lot of fun.

  • Went on a motorcycle ride. (Challis still surprises me by showing up with a motorcycle. Pretty cool.)

  • Spent our spring break in St. George and Vegas with some of the coolest people ever, the Cook Family.

  • Took Oakley to the dog park were she quickly made some new friends.

  • Finally put some pictures up on our living room wall on the cool hook that Challis built.

  • Tried to learn all the cool new features on our new Apple computer. It's taking me a bit longer than Challis.

  • Have worked, worked, worked and studied, studied, studied. We are eagerly awaiting summer, but will settle with warm spring weather for now.

  • Have thought about putting up pictures but think this will have to suffice for now...(I promise we'll get some pics of the decorating we are trying soon and of our very cute and grown-up puppy)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We've made progress!

You may have noticed the updated background and think that we are finally catching onto this blogging thing that should come naturally to those of our generation, but we can't take all the credit. Challis' Aunt Alice and Uncle Bill were kind enough to invite us to their home for dinner a couple of weeks ago and she helped me figure out some of this blog stuff. Firstly how to change backgrounds and set things up a bit more. Hopefully this helps motivate me a bit more (it's still mostly a time thing).
Here are a couple of pictures from the Christmas break. On Christmas Eve night we went sledding with the Sweeten family and here are a few pictures. I promise to add a few more of Christmas day and the adventures from the break. We painted a big wall in our house and I need to add some pictures of our first attempt at decorating. I hope all is well for everyone and we love reading your blogs so keep it more interesting than we do ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Love- Challis, Hailey, and Oakley

Sunday, October 3, 2010

1 year down...eternity to go!

Our new house! We've officially moved into our home in Boise. It's so nice to finally have our own space again. It seems surreal that we actually own a home and we are really excited for this new part of our lives. We've been really busy with school and work and getting everything settled into our new home. Since we now have a yard we got a new puppy. Her name is Oakley and she is a beagle. We are loving her and she is so cute. I didn't realize how much work a puppy can be but it will be worth it. Challis is doing really well training her and she's a fast learner.

Yesterday we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary! I can't believe that a whole year has gone by. It seems like a lot has happened but it seems crazy that it has been only a year. We spent a fun weekend with each other and exploring our new city. I continue to fall in love with Challis more and more (cheesy but true). Enjoy some pictues of our house, Oakley, and our first anniversary!